Electoral Act, 1992

Special voters list.

17.—(1) The registration authority shall prepare a list (in this Act referred to as the “special voters list”) of persons (in this Act referred to as “special voters”) entitled to vote at a Dáil election in accordance with the provisions of Part XIV or at any other election or referendum in accordance with the Electoral (Amendment) (No. 2) Act, 1986 without removing the names of the special voters from the register of electors.

(2) The registration authority shall enter in the special voters list the name of every elector who applies to be so entered and who satisfies the registration authority that—

(a) he is unable to go in person to vote at the polling place for his polling district by reason of his physical illness or physical disability; and

(b) the physical illness or physical disability is likely to continue for the period of continuance in force of the register of electors in respect of which the application to be entered as a special voter is made.

(3) The special voters list shall be in such form as the Minister may direct.

(4) Part III of the Second Schedule shall apply to an application to be entered in the special voters list pursuant to subsection (2).