Electoral Act, 1992

Electors lists to replace draft register in the case of specified registration authorities.

16.—(1) The Minister may, by direction, specify a registration authority or registration authorities which shall publish electors lists in place of the draft register referred to in rule 5 (6) of Part I of the Second Schedule .

(2) The electors lists shall consist of—

(a) the register of electors in force at the time of publication of the electors lists (in this Act referred to as List A),

(b) a list (in this Act referred to as List B) of persons entitled on the qualifying date to be registered as electors in respect of particular premises and whose names are not included in List A in respect of such premises, and

(c) a list (in this Act referred to as List C) of persons whose names appear on List A, and who, on the qualifying date were not entitled to be registered as electors in respect of the premises stated in List A.

(3) The Minister may give a direction under this section as often as he thinks fit.

(4) (a) The Minister may amend or revoke a direction under this section.

(b) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (a), a direction under this subsection may provide for the discontinuance of the publication of electors lists by a registration authority the subject of a direction under subsection (1), and for the publication by that registration authority of a draft register.

(5) Where a direction under subsection (1) is in force in respect of a registration authority, a reference in this Act or in any other enactment to the draft register shall be construed as a reference to electors lists insofar as it applies to the said registration authority.