Merchant Shipping Act, 1992

Revocation and suspension of licences.

16.—(1) If the Minister is satisfied that—

(a) the report of an authorised person furnished to the Minister for the purpose of the grant of a licence was in any material particular made erroneously,

(b) information furnished to the Minister in relation to the grant of a licence was false or misleading in a material particular, or

(c) since the furnishing of such a report as aforesaid to the Minister, the hull, equipment or machinery of the vessel concerned has suffered any damage or the vessel has become unsuitable for the carriage of passengers or for the carriage of the maximum number of passengers specified in the licence or for plying to the limits so specified,

he may, if he considers it appropriate to do so, revoke the licence.

(2) The Minister may, if he considers it appropriate to do so, revoke or suspend a licence if there is a failure or refusal to comply with a condition, restriction or requirement specified in the licence.

(3) If a licence is suspended, the Minister may, if he so thinks fit, refuse to remove the suspension unless an authorised person has inspected the vessel concerned since the suspension and has stated in a report of the inspection to the Minister in writing that, in his opinion—

(a) the vessel is suitable, subject to such conditions and restrictions (if any) as he may specify, for use for hiring or for the carriage of passengers, and

(b) if regulations under section 18 are in force, it complies with the regulations.