Criminal Evidence Act, 1992



Short title and commencement.

1.—(1) This Act may be cited as the Criminal Evidence Act, 1992.

(2) This Act (except Part III and section 29 ) shall come into operation three months after the date of its passing.

(3) Part III and section 29 shall come into operation on such day or days as may be fixed therefor by order or orders of the Minister for Justice and different days may be so fixed for different purposes and different provisions; and, in particular, any of the provisions of sections 13 to 16 and section 29 may be brought into operation on different days for different courts and for different circuits and district court districts.

(4) (a) The provisions of this Act (other than Part III (except sections 15 , 16 (1) (b) and 18 ) and section 29 ) shall not apply to criminal proceedings instituted before the commencement of the provisions concerned.

(b) For the purposes of paragraph (a) criminal proceedings are instituted—

(i) when a summons or warrant of arrest is issued in respect of an offence,

(ii) when a person is arrested without a warrant, or

(iii) when a person is remanded for trial pursuant to section 177 or 178 (as amended by section 3 of the Defence (Amendment) Act, 1987 ) of the Defence Act, 1954 .