Patents Act, 1992


The Controller: Supplementary Provisions

Appointment of Controller.

97.—(1) (a) The Government shall appoint as occasion arises a fit person to the office of Controller who shall hold office on such terms and conditions as the Government shall, at the time the appointment is made, determine.

(b) The person holding the office of Controller immediately before the commencement of this section shall continue to hold that office on the same terms and conditions, including conditions as to superannuation or other allowance or gratuity, as those on which he held the office theretofore.

(2) The Controller shall receive such remuneration as the Minister for Finance shall determine.

(3) The Controller shall be a civil servant in the Civil Service of the State.

(4) Whenever the Controller is temporarily unable to attend to his duties or his office is vacant, the Minister may appoint a person to perform the duties of the Controller during such inability or vacancy, and every person so appointed shall for as long as the appointment remains in force have all the powers of the Controller under this Act and as otherwise determined by law and shall receive such remuneration as the Minister shall, with the sanction of the Minister for Finance, direct.

(5) The Controller may authorize any of his officers to exercise any of his functions under this Act or any other enactment and any such function shall, when exercised for the purpose of such enactment, be deemed to have been exercised by the Controller.

(6) An authorization under subsection (5)

(a) may be made subject to such directions as the Controller may specify,

(b) shall, while in force, not prevent the discharge by the Controller of the functions thereby delegated, and

(c) may at any time be modified or revoked by the Controller.