Patents Act, 1992


Procedure up to Grant

Search report.

29.—(1) If a patent application under this Part has a date of filing, includes one or more claims and is not withdrawn or deemed to be withdrawn the Controller shall, on the request of the applicant made within the prescribed time, accompanied by the prescribed fee (“the search fee”) cause a search to be undertaken in relation to the invention and a report (a “search report”) of the results of the search to be prepared. The rules may specify by whom the search report shall be prepared and the scope thereof.

(2) If it appears, in the course of the search, that an application discloses more than one invention the search shall be conducted in relation only to the first invention specified in the claims. A search may however be conducted in relation to the additional invention, or inventions, if the applicant, within the time allowed by the Controller, submits a request to that effect accompanied by the search fee.

(3) The Controller shall send a copy of the search report to the applicant and, unless the application is withdrawn within a prescribed period, shall publish it.

(4) If the application is not withdrawn, the Controller shall allow the applicant an opportunity to amend the application in the light of the search report or reports. Any amendments shall be submitted within the prescribed period. If the applicant fails, before the expiry of the prescribed period, either to submit amendments to the application or a statement that no amendment is considered necessary, the application may be refused by the Controller. In the case of an application to which subsection (2) applies, such application shall be amended so as to confine it to one invention only.