Patents Act, 1992

Power of Minister to make rules.

114.—(1) The Minister may make such rules (except in relation to any matter appropriate to be provided for by rules of court) and do such things as he thinks expedient, subject to the provisions of this Act—

(a) for prescribing the form and contents of applications for patents and other documents which may be filed at the Office, and for requiring copies to be furnished of any such documents;

(b) for regulating the procedure to be followed in connection with any proceedings or other matter before the Controller and for authorizing the rectification of irregularities of procedure;

(c) for requiring fees to be paid in connection with any such proceedings or matter or in connection with the provision of any service by the Office and providing for the remission of fees in prescribed circumstances;

(d) for prescribing the circumstances under which a person is required to be represented by a patent agent who is for the time being registered in the register within the meaning of Part X and act through him in proceedings under this Act;

(e) for prescribing time limits for doing anything required to be done in connection with any such proceedings by or under this Act and providing for the alteration of any period of time specified in or under this Act;

(f) for prescribing how periods of time are to be calculated;

(g) for regulating the publication, sale and contents of anything which the Controller is by this Act required or authorized to publish;

(h) for regulating the presentation of copies of publications made under this Act to applicants for and proprietors of patents and to public authorities, bodies and institutions (whether in or outside the State);

(i) for regulating the maintenance and keeping of the Register of Patents and the register referred to in paragraph (d);

(j) for prescribing any matter or thing referred to in this Act as prescribed;

(k) for doing anything which is either by Article 9 of the First Schedule or otherwise by this Act authorized or required to be done or is in this Act referred to as being, or to be done, by rules under this Act;

(l) generally for regulating the business of the Office and anything which by this Act is placed under the direction or control of the Controller.

(2) Without prejudice to subsection (1), the Controller may adopt such procedures for giving effect to this Act as appear to him to be appropriate.