Sea Pollution Act, 1991

Report of discharge in State or into harbour or prescribed area.

13.—(1) Whenever—

(a) there is a discharge or probable discharge in the State or in any prescribed area outside the State of any oil, oily mixture, noxious liquid substance, harmful substance, sewage or garbage resulting from damage to a ship, or for the purpose of securing the safety of a ship, or saving human life, or

(b) there is, during the operation of a ship in the State or any such prescribed area, a discharge or probable discharge of any such substance in excess of the quantity, if any, permitted by regulations under section 10 ,

the owner or the master of the ship shall forthwith report the fact and cause of the incident to the Minister or, if it occurred in a harbour, to the harbour-master or person having control of the harbour.

(2) The harbour-master or person having control of the harbour shall forthwith report the incident to the Minister.

(3) Every report under this section shall specify—

(a) the nature of the incident;

(b) the identity of the ship or ships concerned;

(c) the time, type and location of the incident;

(d) the quantity and type of substance involved in the discharge;

(e) any assistance or salvage measures involved in the incident.

(4) The Minister may by regulations make such provision as he thinks proper in relation to the making of a report under this section.

(5) Any person who contravenes this section or any regulation thereunder shall be guilty of an offence.