Fisheries (Amendment) Act, 1991

Rules of societies.

5.—(1) The Minister may make rules for the regulation of societies and such rules shall constitute the rules of each society from its establishment.

(2) Rules under this section shall, in relation to a society, provide, in particular, for—

(a) the functions of the first trustees of the society;

(b) the membership and functions of a management committee (including its functions as trustees) and the appointment, or election, and terms and conditions of office, of its members or any of them;

(c) the quorum for meetings of the trustees or management committee of the society;

(d) membership and termination of ordinary and corporate membership of the society;

(e) ballots for the purposes of this Act;

(f) the establishment and management of a development fund for the receipt of payments to the society and the disbursement of moneys of the fund, including provision for payments to the appropriate regional board to promote the purposes of the society;

(g) the provision of guidelines for the society in relation to the disbursement of its funds, having regard, in particular, to the development programmes and plans of the appropriate regional board;

(h) accounts of the society and the audit of its accounts;

(i) the grant of share certificates by the society.

(3) The Minister, with the consent of a society, or a society, with the consent of the Minister, may amend or revoke the rules of the society.

(4) The Minister may appoint not more than two persons to be members of the management committee of a society in addition to its elected members.

(5) The liability of a member of a society being an ordinary member or a corporate member shall be limited to the fee (if any) fixed under this Act for a member of that class.

(6) Any person shall be entitled to a copy of the rules of a society on payment to the society of such fee as may be specified by the Minister.