Marine Institute Act, 1991

Annual estimates.

19.—(1) Not less than three months before the end of each financial year of the Institute, it shall furnish to the Minister a report in writing drawn up in consultation with relevant Ministers—

(a) outlining its proposed activities (other than day-to-day activities) in the financial year immediately following,

(b) giving estimates of its expenditure in the last mentioned year in relation to each of these activities, and

(c) giving estimates of its income in the last said mentioned year,

and it shall not carry out any of these activities or incur any such expenditure until the report has been approved by the Minister and the Minister for Finance.

(2) The Institute shall not during any financial year—

(a) carry on any activity (other than day-to-day activities) not specified in the report under subsection (1) of this section in relation to that year, or

(b) incur any expenditure in relation to any activity in excess of the estimates of the expenditure given in that report,

without the prior approval of the Minister and the Minister for Finance.