Child Care Act, 1991

Regulations as to pre-school services.

50.—(1) The Minister shall, after consultation with the Minister for Education and the Minister for the Environment, make regulations for the purpose of securing the health, safety and welfare and promoting the development of pre-school children attending pre-school services.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), regulations may—

(a) prescribe requirements as to the heating, lighting, ventilation, cleanliness, repair and maintenance of premises in which pre-school services are carried on and as to the equipment and facilities to be provided;

(b) provide for the enforcement and execution of the regulations by health boards;

(c) prescribe the annual fees to be paid to health boards by persons carrying on pre-school services towards the cost of inspections under this Part.

(3) Regulations under this section may—

(a) make different provision for different classes of pre-school services;

(b) prescribe different requirements for different classes of pre-school services;

(c) provide for exemptions from any provision or provisions of the regulations for a specified class or classes of pre-school services.

(4) The Public Offices Fees Act, 1879, shall not apply in respect of any fees paid under regulations under this section.