Child Care Act, 1991


Supervision of Pre-School Services

Definitions for Part VII .

49.—In this Part—

“authorised person” means a person appointed under section 54 to be an authorised person for the purposes of this Part;

“national school” has the meaning assigned to it in the School Attendance Act, 1926 ;

“pre-school child” means a child who has not attained the age of six years and who is not attending a national school or a school providing an educational programme similar to a national school;

“pre-school service” means any pre-school, play group, day nursery, creche, day-care or other similar service which caters for pre-school children, including those grant-aided by health boards;

“relevant health board” means the health board for the area in which a pre-school service is being or is proposed to be carried on.