Finance Act, 1991

Chapter VII

Urban Renewal: Temple Bar and Other Areas

Preliminary and general ( Chapter VII )

54.—(1) In this Chapter—

“the Temple Bar Area” means the area described in Part II of the Second Schedule ;

(2) The Second Schedule shall have effect for the purposes of supplementing this Chapter.

(3) Subject to subsection (4), the provisions of the Finance Act, 1986 , which are specified in section 55 as having effect in relation to the Temple Bar Area shall have such effect, as appropriate, subject to any necessary modifications—

(a) as if the Temple Bar Area were an area described in an order made by the Minister for Finance under section 27 of the Finance Act, 1987 ,

(b) as if the reference in paragraph (a) (ii) of subsection (1) of the said section 27 to the “31st day of May, 1991,” were a reference to the “5th day of April, 1996,”, and

(c) as if the order referred to in paragraph (a) directed that in sections 42 , 44 and 45 of the Finance Act, 1986 , the definition of “qualifying period” is to be construed as a reference to the period from the 6th day of April, 1991, to the 5th day of April, 1996, in relation to the Temple Bar Area.

(4) The provisions which are specified in this Chapter as having effect in relation to capital, or other, expenditure incurred or rent payable in relation to any building or premises however described in this Chapter in the Temple Bar Area shall have such effect only if the relevant building or premises in relation to which the said capital, or other, expenditure was incurred or rent is so payable, is approved for the purposes of this Chapter by the company known as Temple Bar Renewal Limited.