Local Government Act, 1991

Amendment of Local Authorities (Combined Purchasing) Act, 1939.

53.Section 17 of the Local Authorities (Combined Purchasing) Act, 1939 , is hereby amended by the substitution of the following subsections for subsections (2) and (3)—

“(2) The Minister may, if he so thinks fit, in respect of a local financial year by order certify the sum which, during that year, was expended out of monies provided under subsection (1) of this section in carrying this Act into effect and, if he does so, the order shall assess that sum on the counties and county boroughs in proportion to the annual value under the Valuation Acts of the property rateable for the county rate or the municipal rate, as may be appropriate, in the counties and county boroughs and copies of the order shall be sent to the council of every county and county borough.

(3) Where an order is made under this section, the council of every county and county borough shall pay the amount assessed by the order on such county or county borough to the Minister and shall raise the amount so to be paid, in the case of a county, by means of the county rate as a county-at-large charge or in the case of a county borough, by means of the municipal rate.”.