Local Government Act, 1991

Annual report of local authorities.

50.—(1) A local authority shall, not later than the 30th day of June in each year, prepare and adopt a report (which shall be known as the annual report of the local authority and is referred to in this Act as “a report”) in relation to the performance of its functions during the preceding year and shall as soon as may be furnish a copy of the report to each member of the authority and to such other (if any) persons as may be prescribed.

(2) A report of a local authority shall include the following:

(a) particulars of the policies, programmes, services and other activities undertaken by the local authority,

(b) such particulars as are required by any other provision of this or of any other enactment to be included in the report,

(c) particulars in relation to any Acts adopted or orders, regulations, bye-laws, rules or other instruments made under statute by resolution of the members of the authority during the year to which the report relates,

(d) such other particulars (including financial statements) as the local authority may determine or as may be directed by the Minister.

(3) The adoption by a local authority of its report shall be a reserved function.

(4) Copies of the report of a local authority shall be made available at the principal office of the authority during normal office hours for inspection by members of the public or for purchase by such members at such price as may be determined by the authority and a local authority shall give public notice of the date as on and from which a report will be so made available.

(5) In this section “local authority” means a council of a county or a corporation of a county borough.