Local Government Act, 1991

Regulations ( Part VI ).

40.—(1) The Minister may make regulations—

(a) as respects the area of jurisdiction of a committee or joint committee,

(b) as respects the dissolution of a committee or joint committee,

(c) specifying conditions, restrictions or other provisions which shall apply in relation to the delegation of functions to, or the revocation of a delegation of functions to, a committee or joint committee,

(d) as respects the procedures, general administration and general finances of committees and joint committees,

(e) as respects such other matters relating to committees and joint committees as the Minister considers appropriate.

(2) Upon the commencement of this Part and of regulations under this section, the matters to which this Part relates and with respect to which the regulations were made shall, as respects any local authority concerned, be governed by the provisions of this Part and the regulations, and such previous provisions (whether made by or under statute) as may be specified in the regulations applying to that authority and relating to those matters shall cease to have effect as respects that authority.