Local Government Act, 1991

Provisions supplementary to section 29 .

30.—(1) A proposal, a statement of response and any amended proposal shall set out—

(a) the financial and other implications of the proposal (or the amended proposal, as the case may be), and

(b) the adjustments in relation to financial and administrative matters to be made between the proposer and each respondent concerned in consequence of the alteration of the boundary concerned.

(2) (a) A proposer shall furnish to each respondent and such other persons as may be prescribed a copy of the application made by it under section 29 (5).

(b) A proposal, a statement of response, an amended proposal and an application under section 29 (5) shall comply with such requirements as may be prescribed.

(c) The Minister may prescribe any matter of procedure or any other requirement which he considers necessary for the satisfactory operation of this section or section 29 .

(3) A local authority part of whose functional area adjoins an administrative county other than that in which the said functional area is situate may, by resolution, request the council of the county in which it is situate to make a proposal under section 29 (1) and the said council shall consider any such request.