Unit Trusts Act, 1990

Register of authorised unit trust schemes.

3.—(1) The Bank shall establish and maintain a register of authorised unit trust schemes.

(2) The register shall be open to the inspection of any member of the public on the payment of such fee as the Bank may specify.

(3) The register established and maintained under section 2 of the Act of 1972 (repealed by this Act) shall form part of the register.

(4) The Bank shall, within 21 days after the date of the authorisation by it under section 4 of a unit trust scheme, publish a notice to that effect in Iris Oifigiúil.

(5) The Bank shall publish from time to time, but not less frequently than once a year, in such manner as it thinks fit, the names of all unit trust schemes which have been authorised by it under section 4 and whose authorisation has not been revoked under this Act.

(6) The report of the Bank under section 20 of the Central Bank Act, 1989 , shall contain a report on the exercise of its functions under this Act.