Broadcasting Act, 1990

Complaints to Broadcasting Complaints Commission regarding broadcasts affecting an individual.

8.—(1) Section 18B (1) of the Principal Act (inserted by section 4 of the Act of 1976) is hereby amended by the addition of the following paragraph:

“(g) a complaint by a person that on a specified occasion an assertion was made in a broadcast of inaccurate facts or information in relation to that person which constituted an attack on that person's honour or reputation”.

(2) Section 18B of the Principal Act is hereby amended by the insertion of a new subsection as follows:

“(11A) Without prejudice to subsection (11) of this section, the Authority shall, unless the Commission considers it inappropriate, broadcast the Commission's decision on every complaint considered by the Commission in which the Commission found in favour, in whole or in part, of the complainant, including any correction of inaccurate facts or information relating to an individual arising from a complaint under subsection (1) (g) of this section, at a time and in a manner corresponding to that in which the offending broadcast took place”.

(3) A reference in the said section 18B to a code shall be construed as including a reference to a code in force under section 4 of this Act.