Judicial Separation and Family Law Reform Act, 1989

Miscellaneous ancillary orders.

16.—On granting a decree of judicial separation or at any time thereafter, the court may, on application to it by either spouse, make any one or more of the following orders:

(a) an order conferring on one spouse either for life or for such other period (definite or contingent) as the court may specify the right to occupy the family home to the exclusion of the other spouse;

(b) an order for the sale of the family home subject to such conditions as the court considers proper;

(c) an order under section 12 of the Married Women's Status Act, 1957 , determining any dispute between the spouses as to the title to or possession of any property;

(d) an order under section 4 , 5 or 9 of the Family Home Protection Act, 1976 ;

(e) an order under section 2 or 3 of the Family Law (Protection of Spouses and Children) Act, 1981 ;

(f) an order for the partition of property or under the Partition Acts 1868 and 1876;

(g) an order under section 11 of the Guardianship of Infants Act, 1964 concerning any dependent child of the family.