Social Welfare Act, 1989

Pre-retirement allowance.

24.—(1) The Principal Act is hereby amended—

(a) by the deletion of paragraph (d) of section 156A (inserted by section 28 (b) of the Act of 1988), and

(b) by the substitution for section 156B (inserted by the said section 28 (b)) of the following section:

“156B.—(1) Subject to subsection (2) the rate of preretirement allowance (in this Chapter referred to as the scheduled rate) shall be the weekly rate set out in column (2) of Part I of the Fourth Schedule increased by—

(a) the amount set out in column (3) of that Part for any period during which the applicant or recipient has an adult dependant, subject to the restriction that the applicant or recipient shall not be entitled to an increase under this paragraph in respect of more than one person, and

(b) the appropriate amount set out in column (4) or (5) of that Part in respect of each qualified child who normally resides with the applicant or recipient.

(2) Persons entitled under this Chapter to receive a pre-retirement allowance shall be paid such allowance at whichever of the following rates is applicable—

(a) for persons with no means, at the scheduled rate, and

(b) for persons with means, at rates to be prescribed, which shall be less than the scheduled rate and which shall vary with the amount of their means.”.