Video Recordings Act, 1989

Certification of video works.

3.—(1) The Official Censor shall, on application to him in relation to a video work, grant to the person making the application (referred to in this section as the applicant) a certificate (referred to in this Act as a supply certificate) declaring the work to be fit for viewing unless he is of opinion that the work is unfit for viewing because—

(a) the viewing of it—

(i) would be likely to cause persons to commit crimes, whether by inciting or encouraging them to do so or by indicating or suggesting ways of doing so or of avoiding detection, or

(ii) would be likely to stir up hatred against a group of persons in the State or elsewhere on account of their race, colour, nationality, religion, ethnic or national origins, membership of the travelling community or sexual orientation, or

(iii) would tend, by reason of the inclusion in it of obscene or indecent matter, to deprave or corrupt persons who might view it,


(b) it depicts acts of gross violence or cruelty (including mutilation and torture) towards humans or animals.

(2) The Official Censor shall not refuse to grant a supply certificate in respect of a video work in respect of which a general certificate or a limited certificate under the Censorship of Films Acts, 1923 to 1970, is in force.

(3) Where, pursuant to subsection (1) of this section, the Official Censor is of opinion that a supply certificate in respect of a video work should not be granted, he shall thereupon—

(a) make a prohibition order in respect of the work under section 7 of this Act, and

(b) send a notification in writing to the applicant of his refusal to grant a supply certificate in respect of the work and of the making of a prohibition order in respect thereof.

(4) The applicant shall submit to the Official Censor a video recording of the video work to which his application relates and such other information as may reasonably be required by the Official Censor and shall pay to the Official Censor in respect of the application such fee as may be prescribed with the consent of the Minister for Finance.