Building Societies Act, 1989

Alteration of memorandum and rules.

14.—(1) A building society may by special resolution (and only by special resolution) alter its memorandum or its rules.

(2) A society so altering its memorandum or rules shall deliver to the Central Bank 3 copies of the alteration signed by 3 members and the secretary, together with a letter signed by the secretary confirming that a special resolution has been passed approving the alteration.

(3) Where copies are delivered to the Central Bank in accordance with subsection (2) and—

(a) it is satisfied that—

(i) the memorandum and rules as so altered are in conformity with this Act and any regulations made thereunder,

(ii) registration would not be prejudicial to the orderly and proper regulation of building societies generally, and

(iii) where the alteration involves a change of name, the changed name is not undesirable,


(b) in the case of a society that has not been authorised under section 17 , it has no reason to believe that the society will not be authorised under that section,

it shall retain and register one copy, return another copy to the secretary together with a certificate of registration, and keep another copy together with a copy of the certificate of registration in the public file of the society.

(4) An alteration under this section shall not have effect until registered under subsection (3) or until such later date following registration as may be specified in the special resolution unless the Central Bank otherwise directs.

(5) Where the Central Bank refuses to register under subsection (3) a copy of an alteration delivered to it under subsection (2), it shall, within 2 months of the receipt by it of the copies, notify the society of its decision and of its reasons for it, and an appeal may be made to the Court against the decision within one month of the receipt of the Bank's decision.

(6) An alteration of the memorandum or rules shall not affect any subsisting right or obligation of a society or of any member or other person concerned, or render defective any legal proceedings by or against the society, and any legal proceedings commenced by or against it under its former memorandum or rules may be continued by or against it under its altered memorandum or rules.