Central Bank Act, 1989.

Chapter III

Licensing and Supervision of Licence Holders

Extension of application of licensing and supervisory provisions.

26.—Where, after consulting with the Bank and with such Ministers of the Government (if any) as he considers it appropriate to consult with in the circumstances, the Minister is of the opinion that, in respect of any class of financial business which is not supervised by the Bank under the Central Bank Acts, 1942 to 1989, it is necessary for—

(a) the protection of the public or any class thereof from financial loss, or

(b) the orderly and proper regulation of financial markets,

that such class of financial business ought to be either or both licensed and supervised by the Bank, he may by regulations apply to the said class all or any of the licensing and supervisory provisions (including those provisions which relate to auditors and liquidators) of Part II of the Act of 1971 or of this Chapter or Chapters I , II and IV with such modifications or adaptations as he considers appropriate.