Abattoirs Act, 1988

Provisions relating to functions of sanitary authority transferred by Act.

38.—(1) Every function and duty of, and every record and register maintained by, a sanitary authority which relate to any matter which, as and from the commencement of this Act, will be exercised or, as the case may be, maintained by a local authority are hereby transferred to the local authority within whose functional area the sanitary authority is situate.

(2) Where, immediately before the commencement of this section, any legal proceedings are pending to which a sanitary authority is a party and the proceedings have reference to any function of the sanitary authority which is transferred by this section to a local authority, the name of the local authority concerned shall be substituted in the proceedings for that of the sanitary authority and the proceedings shall not abate by reason of such substitution.

(3) Anything commenced before the commencement of this section by or under the authority of a sanitary authority may, in so far as it relates to functions transferred by this section to a local authority, be carried on or completed on or after such commencement by the local authority concerned.

(4) A reference in any enactment to a veterinary officer appointed by a sanitary authority shall, in so far as such reference relates to any function transferred by this section, be construed as a reference to a veterinary inspector appointed under this Act.