Abattoirs Act, 1988

Permit relating to abattoir.

17.—(1) Subject to subsection (5) of this section, where, in the opinion of the Minister, special circumstances exist and he considers it reasonable so to do, the Minister may, after consultation with the local authority in whose functional area an abattoir is situate, in lieu of granting an abattoir licence in respect of any premises, grant to a person a permit to operate the premises as an abattoir for such period as may be specified in the permit and the Minister may attach to such permit such conditions as appear to him to be necessary.

(2) On the expiration of the period specified in a permit granted under subsection (1) of this section, the Minister may, if he considers it reasonable so to do, renew the permit for such further period as may be specified in the renewed permit.

(3) A permit granted or renewed under this section shall, for the period of its validity, have the same force and effect as an abattoir licence under this Act and the provisions of this Act (other than section 16 of this Act) relating to abattoir licences shall apply to a permit granted under this section.

(4) The Minister shall not grant or renew a permit under this section unless the applicant has first paid to the Minister the appropriate fee as if the permit were an abattoir licence.

(5) A permit under this section shall not be granted in respect of a premises unless the premises—

(a) was constructed as, or was adapted for use as, or was used as, an abattoir on or before the commencement of this section, and

(b) is capable, within a reasonable time, of being so reconstructed or altered that it complies in every respect with the requirements of this Act and of the Regulations made thereunder.

(6) This section shall cease to have effect on the expiry of five years after its commencement.