Housing Act, 1988

Estimate of housing requirements.

8.—(1) A housing authority shall, within one year of the commencement of this section and thereafter at any time that appears to them expedient, and shall, as may, from time to time, be directed by the Minister, make as respects their functional area an estimate of—

(a) the existing housing requirements, and

(b) the prospective housing requirements over such period as the Minister may direct or, in the absence of such direction, as the authority see fit,

and shall cause a report thereon to be prepared and adopted by the authority.

(2) In making an estimate of housing requirements in accordance with subsection (1), a housing authority shall have regard to—

(a) information (derived from any survey of all or a sample of the housing in the area or otherwise as the authority see fit) in relation to the housing conditions in the area, including the number of houses which are in any respect unfit or unsuitable for human habitation, are overcrowded, are shared involuntarily or are expected (through obsolescence, demolition or conversion to other uses) to be lost to the supply of housing over the period to which the estimate relates,

(b) the extent to which there are persons who are homeless or living in temporary or movable accommodation,

(c) expected changes in the size and structure of the population of the area,

(d) the prospective housing requirements of persons residing outside the functional area of the authority to such extent (if any) as the authority consider appropriate,

(e) such other information as the authority consider relevant, and

(f) such other matters as the Minister may, from time to time, direct.

(3) An estimate and report under subsection (1) shall be prepared in such manner, and the report shall contain such information, as the Minister may, from time to time, direct.

(4) A housing authority owning houses in the functional area of another housing authority shall, on request in connection with the making of an estimate under subsection (1), provide to that other authority such information on the houses so owned as is required in relation to the matters specified in subsection (2) (a).

(5) A housing authority may, with the agreement of another housing authority, and shall, if so directed by the Minister, make an estimate and cause a report to be prepared under subsection (1) in respect of the whole or part of the functional area of that other authority and may include in a report an estimate prepared by that other authority.

(6) The adoption under this section of a report shall be a reserved function.