Housing Act, 1988

Amendment of section 4 of Act of 1979.

25.—The following subsection is hereby inserted after subsection (4) of section 4 of the Act of 1979:

“(5) Where—

(a) a person providing a new house is a person—

(i) whose marriage has been dissolved or annulled by order of a court of competent jurisdiction, or

(ii) who is separated from his spouse under an order of such court or by deed of separation,


(b) the need of that person and his dependents (if any) for housing has been established to the satisfaction of the Minister, and

(c) refusal by the Minister to pay a grant under this section in respect of the provision of the new house would, in the opinion of the Minister, having regard to such circumstances as he considers appropriate, including any contribution made by the other spouse, cause undue hardship to that person or his dependents,

the Minister may, notwithstanding that a requirement in relation to matters specified in subsection (2) (e) of this section has not been complied with, pay a grant under this section if, but for such non-compliance, a grant would fall to be so paid.”.