Bankruptcy Act, 1988

Certificate of vesting of property in Official Assignee.

(cf. 1857, s. 269)

46.—(1) Where, according to law, any conveyance of land is required to be registered and such land vests in the Official Assignee under this Part, a certificate under the seal of the Court shall be issued to him as evidence of the vesting and he shall cause the certificate to be registered as soon as may be as if it were a conveyance, and registration of the certificate shall have the like effect to all intents and purposes as registration of a conveyance would have had.

(2) The title of any purchaser of any such land for valuable consideration, in good faith and without notice of the adjudication, who had duly registered the conveyance before the registration of the certificate shall not be invalidated by reason of the adjudication unless the certificate is registered within two months after the date of the adjudication.