Bankruptcy Act, 1988

Notice of adjudication and statutory sitting.

(1857, ss. 129, 130 in pt., cf. s. 353)

17.—(1) This section shall have effect—

(a) in the case of a creditor's petition where cause has not been shown to the satisfaction of the Court for annulling the adjudication within the time for showing cause, on the expiration of that time;

(b) in the case of a debtor's petition under section 15 or the adjudication of an arranging debtor under section 105 , on adjudication.

(2) The Court shall cause notice of the adjudication to be given as soon as may be in the prescribed manner in Iris Oifigiúil and in at least one daily newspaper in circulation in the area where the bankrupt resides.

(3) The Court shall appoint a statutory sitting to be held within three weeks of the publication of the notice at which the bankrupt shall attend and make full disclosure of his property to the Court, and his creditors may prove their debts and choose and appoint a creditors' assignee.

(4) The Court, on adjourning an application to show cause under section 16 (1), may stay publication of notice of the adjudication on security being given by the bankrupt or on such other conditions as the Court thinks fit.