Bankruptcy Act, 1988

Cause shown against adjudication.

(cf. 1857, s. 129)

16.—(1) The bankrupt may, within three days or such extended time not exceeding fourteen days as the Court thinks fit from the service of the copy of the order of adjudication on him, show cause to the Court against the validity of the adjudication.

(2) On an application to show cause under subsection (1) the Court shall, if within such time the bankrupt shows to its satisfaction that any of the requirements of section 11 (1) have not been complied with, annul the adjudication and may, in any other case, dismiss the application or adjourn it on such conditions as the Court thinks fit, having regard to the interests of the bankrupt, his creditors and any persons who might advance further credit to him.

(3) Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent the immediate seizure of the goods of the bankrupt on his adjudication.