Data Protection Act, 1988

Evidence in proceedings.

27.—(1) In any proceedings—

(a) a certificate signed by the Minister or the Minister for Defence and stating that in his opinion personal data are, or at any time were, kept for the purpose of safeguarding the security of the State shall be evidence of that opinion,

(b) a certificate—

(i) signed by a member of the Garda Síochána not below the rank of chief superintendent or an officer of the Permanent Defence Force who holds an army rank not below that of colonel and is designated by the Minister for Defence under section 8 (a) of this Act, and

(ii) stating that in the opinion of the member or, as the case may be, the officer a disclosure of personal data is required for the purpose aforesaid,

shall be evidence of that opinion, and

(c) a document purporting to be a certificate under paragraph (a) or (b) of this subsection and to be signed by a person specified in the said paragraph (a) or (b), as appropriate, shall be deemed to be such a certificate and to be so signed unless the contrary is proved.

(2) Information supplied by a person in compliance with a request under section 3 or 4 (1) of this Act, a requirement under this Act or a direction of a court in proceedings under this Act shall not be admissible in evidence against him or his spouse in proceedings for an offence under this Act.