Air Navigation and Transport Act, 1988

Extension of power of Minister to refuse or cancel registration of aircraft.

15.—(1) Any power conferred on the Minister under the Acts to refuse or cancel the registration of an aircraft shall include the power, if it appears to him that an aircraft does not, or has ceased to, comply with any security or safety requirements specified by the Minister in a direction under section 13 , to refuse or to cancel the registration of that aircraft.

(2) Whenever the Minister exercises the power conferred on him by subsection (1), the cancellation of the registration of the aircraft shall take effect from the date on which the Minister notifies the operator of the aircraft of the cancellation or from such later date as the Minister, having regard to all the circumstances, may specify.

(3) On the commencement of this Act, the Minister shall notify each owner and operator of each aircraft then registered in the State of his powers under this section.