Oil Pollution of the Sea (Civil Liability and Compensation) Act, 1988

Powers of harbour-masters.

33.—(1) Subject to the provisions of sections 13 and 16 and without prejudice to the powers conferred on an inspector by section 32 , a harbour-master, in the case of any ship which is in the harbour of which he is harbour-master, may—

(a) go on board any such ship and inspect the ship and any documents on board;

(b) require the production of any document required to be kept under this Act or under the Oil Pollution of the Sea Acts, 1956 to 1977;

(c) copy any entry in any such document and require the person by whom the document is kept to certify the copy as a true copy of the entry:

Provided that the harbour-master does not, in the exercise of his powers under this Act, unnecessarily detain or delay the ship from proceeding on its voyage.

(2) Any person who—

(a) fails to comply with any requirement of a harbour-master under this section, or

(b) wilfully impedes a harbour-master in the exercise of his functions under this Act,

shall be guilty of an offence.