Oil Pollution of the Sea (Civil Liability and Compensation) Act, 1988

Effect of order for enforcement of determination.

27.—(1) Whenever an order for the enforcement of a determination has been made pursuant to section 26 , the determination shall, to the extent to which its enforcement is authorised pursuant to the order of the court, have the same force and effect as if the determination had been made by the Court and proceedings for or in respect of its enforcement may be taken accordingly.

(2) Whenever the Court makes an order on foot of an application made pursuant to section 26 for the enforcement of a determination, the order may provide for the payment of the reasonable costs of and incidental to the application and such costs shall be recoverable as if they were sums recoverable under the determination.

(3) Where, on an application pursuant to section 26 for the enforcement of a determination, it is shown that, in accordance with the laws of the Convention Country in which the determination was made, interest is recoverable under the determination from a particular date or time, the rate of interest and the date or time from which it is recoverable shall be noted on the order for enforcement, if such order is made, and the sum due on foot of the determination, other than any sum due pursuant to subsection (2), shall carry interest in accordance with the noted particulars.

(4) Interest on any sum due on foot of a determination in respect of which an order of enforcement has been made shall be recoverable only pursuant to this section.