Air Pollution Act, 1987



Monitoring of air quality and emissions.

54.—(1) A local authority shall carry out, or cause to be carried out, such monitoring of—

(a) air quality, and

(b) the nature, extent and effects of emissions,

as the local authority may consider necessary for the performance of their functions under this Act or as they may be directed by the Minister to carry out.

(2) A local authority shall keep and maintain. or cause to be kept and maintained, such records of any monitoring carried out under subsection (1) as they consider reasonable and necessary.

(3) A local authority may require the occupier of any premises, other than a private dwelling, from which there is an emission to carry out such monitoring of the nature, extent and effect of the emission and of the air quality as the local authority consider necessary and to keep and to supply to the local authority such records of the monitoring as the local authority consider necessary.

(4) A local authority shall, if so directed by the Minister, supply to him or to any person specified by him at such intervals and in such manner as the Minister may direct records of any monitoring carried out under this section.

(5) Where an air quality standard applies to their functional area or to any part thereof, the local authority shall, in relation to the area of application of the air quality standard, make such arrangements for monitoring as may be necessary so that the local authority can determine if the air quality standard is being complied with.

(6) The Minister may give directions to a local authority in relation to—

(a) the number and location of places within an area at which monitoring is to be carried out,

(b) the manner in which sampling, measuring and analysing for the purposes of this section is to be carried out,

(c) the equipment to be used for the purposes of such sampling, measuring or analysing,

and the local authority shall comply with every such direction of the Minister.

(7) The Minister may monitor, or make such arrangements for the monitoring of, air pollution as seem to him to be necessary or desirable.