Air Pollution Act, 1987

Emission limit values.

51.—(1) The Minister may, for the purposes of this Act, by regulations specify limits (in this Act referred to as “emission limit values”) for emissions and different emission limit values may be specified for different areas or classes of areas, different premises or classes of premises, different circumstances or classes of circumstances or for different periods of time.

(2) An emission limit value may relate to a particular pollutant or to a combination of pollutants.

(3) Where a relevant emission limit value is specified in regulations under this section, the occupier of any premises from which the pollutant or, as the case may be, the combination of pollutants, is emitted into the atmosphere shall take such steps as may be necessary to ensure that such emissions do not exceed the emission limit value concerned.

(4) The Minister may give directions to a local authority in relation to the sampling, analysis and measurement methods to be used in determining whether emissions of any pollutant or combination of pollutants comply with an emission limit value specified in relation to that pollutant or combination of pollutants and it shall be the duty of the local authority concerned to comply with any such directions.

(5) Regulations under this section may provide that the Minister may suspend, relax or modify an emission limit value for such period and in such circumstances as may be specified either generally or in relation to premises of a particular class or in relation to a particular area.