Air Pollution Act, 1987

Regulations regarding licences.

31.—(1) The Minister shall, by regulations, provide for the grant of licences by local authorities to persons who apply to the local authority concerned and who comply with the requirements of, or made pursuant to, the regulations in relation to such applications.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), regulations under this section may make provision for all or any of the following:

(a) the form of application and of licence;

(b) the publication by applicants of such notices as may be specified;

(c) specifying the plans, documents and other information and particulars to be submitted by applicants;

(d) requiring applicants to furnish such additional information or particulars relating to their applications as the local authority may request;

(e) requiring the production of evidence to verify any information and particulars given by an applicant;

(f) requiring local authorities to furnish to the Minister and to any other specified persons any specified information in relation to any applications and the manner in which they have been dealt with, or to publish any specified notices in relation to applications for, and the granting or refusing of, licences;

(g) specifying the period within which applications shall be dealt with by local authorities;

(h) requiring an applicant to defray or contribute towards the cost of any investigation carried out by a local authority in relation to an application.

(3) (a) A person who, in relation to an application for a licence, or for a review of a licence, under this Act, or in relation to an appeal arising from such an application, makes a statement in writing which to his knowledge is false or misleading in a material respect, shall be guilty of an offence.

(b) Where a person is convicted of an offence under this subsection, any licence issued to that person consequent on the application or appeal in relation to which the information was furnished shall stand revoked from the date of the conviction.

(4) A defrayment or contribution the payment of which is required under regulations made under this section shall be payable on demand and, in default of being so paid, shall be recoverable as a simple contract debt in a court of competent jurisdiction.