Air Pollution Act, 1987

Transfer of functions.

21.—(1) The Minister may, by regulations, provide that any function conferred on a local authority under this Act shall, in addition to or in lieu of, being performed by a local authority, be performed by such other person (including the Minister or another local authority) or body of persons as may be specified.

(2) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), regulations under this section may provide for the performance of any function conferred on a local authority by this Act by a body established under the Local Government Services (Corporate Bodies) Act, 1971 , for that purpose.

(3) Whenever regulations under this section are in force, a reference in this Act to a local authority shall be construed as including a reference to the person or body specified in the regulations and the function to which the regulations relate shall be a function of that person or body.

(4) Regulations under this section may contain such incidental, supplementary, consequential and transitional provisions (including provisions modifying any provision of this Act) as appear to the Minister to be necessary for the purpose of, in consequence of, or to give full effect to the regulations.