International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs Act, 1987

Approval of type equipment.

6.—(1) Where the Minister is satisfied that the prescribed standards are complied with in respect of transport equipment of a particular class, he may approve that equipment as type equipment of that class (in this section referred to as “type equipment”).

(2) The Minister shall not approve equipment as type equipment unless he is satisfied that adequate arrangements have been made to secure that other equipment purporting to conform with the type equipment as respects the prescribed standards will so conform.

(3) The Minister may at any time withdraw approval for stated reasons.

(4) (a) The Minister may by order authorise a specified person to act on his behalf for the purposes of subsections (1) to (3) and may revoke the order.

(b) References to the Minister in the said subsections include references to an authorised person so acting.

(5) (a) Where a certifying authority appointed under section 7 is satisfied that any equipment conforms with the type equipment it may issue a certificate to that effect in the prescribed form.

(b) If the certifying authority notifies the applicant for a certificate that it is not so satisfied, that person may appeal to the Minister. The decision of the Minister on the appeal shall be final.

(6) The Minister may make regulations specifying the manner in which and the time within which appeals may be brought under subsection (5) (b).