International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs Act, 1987


2.—(1) In this Act, except where the context otherwise requires—

“ATP” means the Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the Special Equipment to be Used for such Carriage (ATP) signed at Geneva on the 1st day of September, 1970, as amended in accordance with Article 18 thereof;

“certificate of compliance” means a certificate issued or recognised under section 7 ;

“certification plate” means a plate issued or recognised under section 7 ;

“container” means equipment having a prescribed minimum volume designed and constructed for repeated use for the carriage of goods by road, rail and water and for interchange between those means of carriage;

“designated mark” means a mark designated under section 7 ;

“inspector” means an inspector appointed under section 8 (2);

“international carriage” has the meaning assigned to it by section 3 (2);

“the Minister” means the Minister for Tourism and Transport;

“perishable foodstuffs” means foodstuffs prescribed as such under section 4 ;

“prescribed” means prescribed by regulations made by the Minister;

“prescribed standards” means standards prescribed under section 4 ;

“transport equipment” means containers, goods vehicles and railway wagons.

(2) A reference in this Act to a section is to a section of this Act and a reference to a subsection is to the subsection of the section in which the reference occurs, unless it is indicated that reference to some other provision is intended.