Safety, Health and Welfare (Offshore Installations) Act, 1987

Storage etc. of certain substances and preparations.

21.—(1) Any gas or other substance or preparation which is corrosive, oxidising, toxic, flammable or radioactive and any explosive shall, while it is on or in an offshore installation to which this Act applies and is not being used, be stored both—

(a) in a place which is both safe and in the particular circumstances is as far distant as is reasonably practicable from any hazardous area and any place used for the accommodation of persons on the installation, and

(b) in suitable containers which are clearly and adequately marked.

(2) Where a gas or an explosive or any other substance or preparation mentioned in subsection (1) of this section is on or in an offshore installation to which this Act applies, it shall be the duty of the installation manager concerned to ensure that subsection (1) of this section is complied with in relation to the gas or explosive or the substance or preparation, and in addition to the foregoing in case such gas or explosive, other substance or preparation is stored on such an offshore installation, the installation manager concerned shall ensure that it is under the control of a responsible person appointed by him for the purpose and that its presence at the place in which it is being stored is adequately indicated by a suitably worded notice.

(3) In this section “explosive” has the meaning given by section 9 (1) of the Dangerous Substances Act, 1972 .