Safety, Health and Welfare (Offshore Installations) Act, 1987

Naked lights and smoking.

19.—(1) A person shall neither use a naked light nor smoke on or in an offshore installation to which this Act applies otherwise than pursuant to and in accordance with rules made by the installation manager concerned.

(2) (a) An installation manager may, or, if required by a notice in writing given to him in that behalf by the Minister, shall, make rules permitting persons to use naked lights and to smoke on or in the offshore installation with which he is concerned in places in the installation specified in the rules and such rules may provide that the use of naked lights and smoking shall be permitted only during such hours, in such circumstances or subject to such conditions, as are specified in the rules.

(b) Where a rule under this section is for the time being in force and a matter to which the rule relates is affected by a regulation under this Act, the rule shall be construed and have effect (if any) subject to the terms of the regulation.

(3) An installation manager, having regard to the purposes of this section, shall ensure that appropriate notices prohibiting or restricting smoking and the use of naked lights are displayed in sufficient numbers on the offshore installation with which he is concerned so as to be both conspicuous and easily read.

(4) A person shall not be convicted under this section and section 15 of this Act in respect of the same act or omission.