Safety, Health and Welfare (Offshore Installations) Act, 1987

Form of installation logbooks etc. and preservation and inspection of entries therein.

17.—(1) Every installation logbook or other document which, in pursuance of this Act or of regulations under this Act, is provided for the entry of any report, record or other item of information shall be in such form as the Minister may direct.

(2) The installation manager shall ensure that every entry made in any installation logbook or other document mentioned in subsection (1) of this section or a copy of that entry shall be preserved for two years or such other period as may be prescribed, and until it is no longer required by, or under regulations made by virtue of, this section to be preserved, the entry shall be kept at the offshore installation to which it relates or at such other place as may beapproved of by an inspector and shall be open to inspection at all reasonable times by, or by a person authorised in that behalf by, any person employed on or in the installation.