Extradition (European Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism) Act, 1987

Amendment of section 44 of Act of 1965.

8.—Section 44 of the Act of 1965 (which specifies circumstances in which a warrant issued in a place in relation to which Part III of that Act applies shall not be endorsed for execution in the State) is hereby amended by the substitution in subsection (2) for the words from the end of paragraph (c) to the end of the subsection of:

“or that there are substantial grounds for believing that—

(i) the person named or described in the warrant will, if removed from the State under this Part, be prosecuted or detained for a political offence or an offence connected with a political offence or an offence under military law which is not an offence under ordinary criminal law, or

(ii) the warrant was in fact issued for the purpose of prosecuting or punishing him on account of his race, religion, nationality or political opinion or that his position would be prejudiced for any of these reasons.”.