Industrial Development Act, 1986


2.—(1) In this Act—

“the Authority” means the Industrial Development Authority;

“designated area” means any area which, by virtue of section 4 , is for the time being a designated area;

“factory building” means a building which is used or intended to be used for carrying on an industrial undertaking together with any other building which is subsidiary or ancillary thereto and is used or intended to be used for a purpose connected with the undertaking;

“fixed assets” means machinery, plant, equipment, land, buildings, services and other works of or for an industrial undertaking;

“industrial estate” means an area of land used mainly for industrial purposes and purposes ancillary or incidental thereto and having on it at least two factory buildings;

“industrial undertaking” includes an undertaking ancillary to industry and a service industry, and “industry” shall be construed accordingly;

“land” includes messuages, tenements and hereditaments, houses and buildings of any tenure;

“local authority” has the same meaning as in section 2 of the Local Government Act, 1941 ;

“member” means member of the Authority;

“the Minister” means the Minister for Industry and Commerce;

“repealed enactment” means an enactment repealed by this Act;

“service industry” means an undertaking to which an order under section 3 applies.

(2) In this Act—

(a) a reference to a Part, section or Schedule is to a Part, section or Schedule of this Act unless it is indicated that a reference to some other enactment is intended;

(b) a reference to a subsection, paragraph or subparagraph is to the subsection, paragraph or subparagraph of the provision in which the reference occurs, unless it is indicated that reference to some other provision is intended;

(c) a reference to any other enactment shall, unless the context otherwise requires, be construed as a reference to that enactment as amended by or under any other enactment, including this Act.