Garda Síochána (Complaints) Act, 1986

Reports of Board.

13.—(1) The Board shall, not later than six months after the end of each year, make a report to the Minister of its activities during that year and may include in the report information and comment in relation to any matters coming to its notice under this Act to which it considers that his attention should be drawn.

(2) The Board shall, at the request of the Minister, report to him on such general matters relating to its functions as the Minister may specify.

(3) The Board shall keep under review the working of the system of investigation and adjudication of complaints and shall make a report thereon to the Minister not later than three years after the establishment day, and at least once in every subsequent period of three years.

(4) The Minister shall cause a copy of every report received by him under this section to be laid before each House of the Oireachtas.