National Lottery Act, 1986

Grant by Minister of licence to hold National Lottery.

3.—(1) (a) The Minister may grant a licence to a person authorising the holding on behalf of the Minister of the National Lottery.

(b) Not more than one licence under this subsection shall be in force at any time.

(2) Upon or at any time after the expiration or revocation of a licence, the Minister may grant a further licence under subsection (1) of this section to the person who was the holder of the first-mentioned licence.

(3) When a licence is granted to a person for the first time, the duration of the licence shall be such period not exceeding 10 years as the Minister may determine; the duration of any subsequent licence granted to the person shall be such period as the Minister may determine.

(4) The Minister may attach to a licence such terms and conditions as he considers necessary or expedient and specifies in the licence and may, at any time during the currency of a licence, by notice in writing given to the licensee, amend its terms or conditions or insert into it or delete from it terms or conditions.

(5) The Minister may at any time, for reasons that seem to him to be sufficient and are stated in a notice in writing given to the licensee, revoke a licence.

(6) The Minister shall not grant a licence to a person unless he is satisfied as to the suitability and competence of the person to hold, or, as the case may be, procure the holding of the National Lottery.

(7) A licence shall be in writing and shall be expressed to authorise a company, being the licensee or a subsidiary of the licensee or, in a case where the licensee is not a company, a company which, if the licensee were a company, would be a subsidiary of the licensee, to hold the National Lottery on behalf of the Minister.