Companies (Amendment) Act, 1986

Accounting principles.

5.—Subject to section 6 of this Act, the amounts to be included in the accounts of a company in respect of the items shown shall be determined in accordance with the following principles:

(a) the company shall be presumed to be carrying on business as a going concern,

(b) accounting policies shall be applied consistently from one financial year to the next,

(c) the amount of any item in the accounts shall be determined on a prudent basis and in particular—

(i) only profits realised at the balance sheet date shall be included in the profit and loss account, and

(ii) all liabilities and losses which have arisen or are likely to arise in respect of the financial year to which the accounts relate, or a previous financial year, shall be taken into account, including those liabilities and losses which only become apparent between the balance sheet date and the date on which the accounts are signed in pursuance of section 156 of the Principal Act,

(d) all income and charges relating to the financial year to which the accounts relate shall be taken into account without regard to the date of receipt or payment, and

(e) in determining the aggregate amount of any item the amount of each individual asset or liability that falls to be taken into account shall be determined separately.