Combat Poverty Agency Act, 1986

Members of Agency.

7.—(1) The number of members of the Agency at any one time shall not be less than eight nor more than ten.

(2) The Minister shall, as soon as may be after the establishment day, appoint persons to be members of the Agency.

(3) Except as provided for by the preceding subsection, the members of the Agency shall be appointed from time to time as occasion requires by the Minister.

(4) The Minister when appointing a member shall fix such member's period of membership which shall not exceed three years and, subject to this section, membership shall be on such terms as the Minister determines.

(5) Any member of the Agency may, at any time, be removed from membership of the Agency by the Minister if, in the Minister's opinion, the member has become incapable through ill-health of performing his functions, or has committed stated misbehaviour, or his removal appears to the Minister to be necessary for the effective performance by the Agency of its functions.

(6) A member of the Agency may at any time resign his membership by letter addressed to the Minister and the resignation shall take effect from the date specified therein or upon receipt of the letter by the Minister, whichever is the later.

(7) A member of the Agency whose period of membership expires by the effluxion of time shall be eligible for re-appointment as a member of the Agency.

(8) The Minister may by regulations amend subsection (1) of this section by varying the maximum number of members of the Agency and this section shall have effect accordingly.